Our Story

Founder, Scott Minnig was diagnosed with stage 3 testicular cancer in March of 2009 (Stage 3 because the cancer metastasized from his testicle, through his lymph nodes, and grew into 3 tumors in his lungs).

He received valuable support from family, friends, and great advice from the staff at Indiana medical on the best treatment and surgery options. In particular, he received incredible advice from a friend who died of cancer in 2007. The advice was “Don’t be a fool like me, go to the doctor”. Scott was hesitant to get the small bump on his right testicle tested for a variety tested for a variety of reasons.

  1. Like most guys, he wouldn’t go to the doctor unless he was very sick.
  2. It is hard to ask another guy to check your testicle and admit that you might have something wrong with it. Most guys think they have the best package in the world.
  3. Pride
  4. Fear

Luckily Scott overcame these doubts and reasons, went to the doctor, and followed the voice in his head from his late friend. Beards4Balls is that voice to encourage men to go to the doctor! The board of directors is comprised of supporters of Scott during his cancer battle who are also Indiana University Alumni who want to give back to the community and cause.

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