Our Mission

The mission is to achieve 100% cure of testicular cancer by raising awareness and advancing treatment.

Beard growers are encouraged to use this as a conversation starter to explain the importance of regular self-examinations and  direct other guys to their site.  Our goal is to educate men of the dangers and risks, but most importantly to encourage them to seek out their doctor for pain, discomfort, or bumps.

We do still accept donations in support of our cause.   We donate all funds to IU Foundation because Dr. Einhorn of IU medical staff created a revolutionary treatment for testicular cancer in the 1970’s and it remains the center for research and advancement. It is also where Scott Minnig, our founder, was treated.

Our goal is to diagnose testicular cancer in stage one for 100% of men and see a doctor immediately for increased survival rates and less severe treatment. As the name of the organization suggests, we aim to have fun and at the same time raise awareness & money for a great cause.

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