How It Works

When does this happen?

Our goal is simple. We raise awareness through the simple and fun exercise of growing a beard.  We ask that everyone sign up on our Grow a Beard! page and start off with a goal to educate other men.  Then, showing off that BEARD and meet that goal by directing guys to your personal beard page using email, Facebook, etc...

If you or anyone you know is interested in supporting our cause, feel free to print off our information page here and post it in your break room, locker room, dormitory, office lobby…you get the idea.

Are there any rules?

This is not complicated. The goal is simply to have fun with your beard and make sure everyone around you knows why it’s there.

We’re not savages. Trimming or shaving around the beard is acceptable.

Once you've hit your goal, feel free to shave the beard into a mustache, some mean chops, or shave it off entirely...completely up to you but have fun with it!


Grow 1 to Save 2!

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